Camtasia 8.1.2

TechSmith Corporation (Shareware)

Camtasia, also called Camtasia Studio, is a screen-recording program that also consists of tools for video editing. The program is easy to use. Users can capture desktop activities for creating tutorials, videos, presentations, slides, and demonstrations. Aside from the recorded video, users can also utilize pictures, audio files, images, and other elements to improve the appearance of the presentation. The program comes with editing tools for creating professional-looking presentations. Projects created with the application can be shared with other users online. In addition, users can add a quiz to the project to see if viewers learned from the presentation.

Here are the other features of the Camtasia program:

• Multi-track timeline – The program has a multi-track timeline to make it easier to create a presentation from different media sources.
• Visual effects – The application comes with visual effects that users can add to projects. These visual effects include colors, borders, cursors, shadows, and many others.
• Remove color – With the remove color feature, users can place themselves in different locations just by using a green screen. Users do not need to have extensive editing skills to do this.
• Content animation – Camtasia also allows users to animate elements of the presentation in order to catch the attention of viewers.
• Production wizard – The program has a production wizard with automatic settings for different types of presentations.