Cameyo Application Virtualization

Cameyo ( (Freeware)

Cameyo Application Virtualization is an application development program created by Cameyo and released on June 2013. This program is a standalone program that may be run from LAN, USB, or even from an online storage device like Dropbox. The program allows users to launch desktop programs from a virtual depository or virtual PC. This prevents the program from interfering with system files and creating registries that may not be deleted or removed even after uninstalling.

Cameyo Application Virtualization allows users to keep their favorite apps handy. The program enables users to archive programs into a standalone EXE file that may be run from anywhere. Users can then save these EXE files into a cloud drive, USB, or any storage device. Users can then run these programs in any computer. Cameyo Application Virtualization also features app synchronization functions. Cameyo apps can be saved in cloud storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. Once saved, the program allows users to synchronize the settings and information of the app across all computers connected to the storage drive.

Cameyo Application Virtualization also features an extensive library of commercially available apps. This allows users to discover new apps and try out their features without installing the same into their computer. This provides a safe option into trying out obscure and newly developed applications in the sandbox.