Camera Mouse 2011 2013

Trustees of Boston College (Freeware)

Camera Mouse 2011 is a program that enables a user to control the mouse pointer with the use of his or her head. This application was designed to help people who are incapable of using their hands use the computer. This program works by tracking a specific feature on the user’s face using a webcam connected to the computer, and following it to where the user looks at on the screen. This tool is compatible with both built-in and USB cameras.

When the application has detected the connected camera during startup, it will prompt the user to set a point on their face that the application can track. This first step may need the assistance of another user. The video feed on the camera will be displayed, and a rectangle shape appears on screen. The user or an assistant can then place the rectangle over a distinctive feature on the user’s face on the webcam feed, such as the nose. When done, the application will then track the movement of the facial feature through the rectangle, and the movement will be applied to the computer’s mouse cursor.

Double clicking is done by positioning the cursor over the link or folder to be clicked, and holding it in position for a certain amount of time that is pre-set by the user.