Camel Disc Catalog

CameLSwinG group (Shareware)

Camel Disc Catalog is a program that assists users in organizing and creating a database of their CDs so they can keep track of and find any disk or file easily. Users can simply insert a disc in their CD-ROM drive and let the application scan it to create an index of the disc’s folders and files. It will keep a record of the files’ file names and will take a snapshot of the disc. The information can then be added to the database and assigned to a predefined category, such as Music, Photo, Software, or Video.

Users can add comments to the disk snapshot, such as where it is kept in the house, when it was created, or if the contents have been backed up. When users need to locate a particular file but cannot recall in which disc it was saved in, they can simply run the program to search for the file and find the containing disc.

Camel Disc Catalog has an interface that is similar in appearance to Windows Explorer, making it familiar to most users and easy to use. It is split into two areas: a tree view and a content viewer. Users can see an overview of their disc collection or database in the tree view, which contains the categories and subcategories.