Richard Murray (Freeware)

CamCopy is an intelligent tool that can access a digital camera and sort out the photo and video files into organized folders. With this program, the user is spared the tedious task of sorting through and transferring hundreds of images and videos. All the user needs to do is identify the drive (digital camera, CF card, SD card) and indicate where to save the files in the computer.

The user can exercise greater control by setting up the categories and subcategories. The program also allows the user to specify file extensions as well as the specific files that should be ignored. This application has an encryption function that allows the user to increase the security features of image and video files. This utility is a simple program that can be used very effectively by anyone, even those who have no background in computer software. It is also capable of handling image transfers from multiple sources. If there is more than one memory card, this program is still capable of working optimally.

CamCopy may also be configured to access files from more than one digital camera such that specific parameters can be set for each. The configuration function is also useful in renaming the files while they are being copied.