CambridgeSoft E-Notebook

CambridgeSoft Corporation (Proprietary)

CambridgeSoft E-Notebook by CambridgeSoft Corporation is a widely distributed electronic laboratory notebook.  This utility is popular amongst academicians and researches as well as government personnel whose work entails extensive note-taking and recording of data. E-Notebook is preferred by those who want to improve the quality of their methods of data storage and their productivity as well. This is a program that gives organizations a viable alternative to traditional date encoding and recording methods (e.g. paper notebooks).

One of the main features of this utility is that is equipped with a means of protecting intellectual property rights. It also has a feature that allows information to be shared with archives designed for networking as companies strive to foster collaboration within their work environments.

CambridgeSoft E-Notebook is popularly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in biotechnology. Petrochemical corporations also find this program useful. This tool is also widely acknowledged as an indispensable prop in the fragrance and food industries. CambridgeSoft E-Notebook by CambridgeSoft Corporation has settings that may be configured to individual needs. This tool gives the users more time for other activities since data entry and calculations are more efficiently done. This program can also be integrated with image files, PDF files, and Microsoft Office presentations, documents, and spreadsheets.