CAMagic Mobile 3.1

Advanced & Wise Technology Corporation. (Shareware)

CAMagic Mobile is a mobile management program developed by Advanced & Wise Technology Corporation. It is specifically designed to manage a phone’s multimedia and PIM data contents via cable or Bluetooth connection. The program is available in two editions – Standard and Premium. Both editions offer PC management for GPRS Internet and SMS messaging.

CAMagic Mobile allows users to improve mobile and PC connectivity. It supports more than 300 handset models including brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Toshiba, and Motorola. It also features a one-click synchronization function, which automatically syncs phone data including To-Do List, Calendar, and Phonebook data with Lotus, Outlook Express, and Outlook. There is also an Internet Wizard feature, which saves about 250 telecom carrier profiles from over 70 countries. This gives users the ability to connect to the Internet using their handset’s 3G or GPRS connections. The program offers an SMS manager as well, which can be used for writing and sending SMS messages straight from a computer.

Aside from PC-to-Handheld connection management, CAMagic Mobile Pro edition features CD Ripper function for converting music formats to file formats. There is also the MIDI Editor for customizing the MIDI track ringtones. Other features offered by the Pro edition include the Audio Trim, Photo Composes, Digital Darkroom, and Video Composer.