CAM UnZip 4.5

CAM Development (Freeware)

CAM UnZip is an application used to create, modify, and open ZIP archives. Selected items or all files found in an archive can be extracted by the program. Its multi-GUI panel is made for user interaction.

The program’s interface is easy to use and contains Help and File menus, as well as icons used in creating and opening archives. Two tabs are found in the program’s interface. The first is used for file extraction from archives. The other is for deleting and adding items from selected ZIP files. File extraction requires users to specify destination folders before they click on the “Extract” button. The application’s main window displays file information which include file compressed size, file modified date, file name, and file size. Extraction options are folder re-creation, run setup post extraction, and overwrite of current files. Options for deleting and adding files are file encryption with password, saving of folder name, and inclusion of sub-folders. Other program features include password compatibility, and command-line interface, among others. The program prompts the user for confirmation before existing archives are overwritten. The drag and drop facility is also made available. The program’s Help section enables any type of computer user to be cognizant of program features and functions. Shell integration is not provided by the program.