Call of Duty - United Offence

Gray Matter Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

Call of Duty - United Offence (also called Call of Duty – United Offensive) is a shooter game wherein soldiers set in different campaigns and locations, fight against German troops. The game incorporates realistic sounds, cinematic graphics, varied locations, and action-packed missions and battles. The game makes use of a ranking system such that when players’ scores increase, they are able to gain ranks, which in turn equip them with better perks and improved benefits.

Numerous enhancements have been made from the game’s first installment.  Presently included are vehicles such as jeeps and tanks, new weapons, new and larger maps and a better in-rank system that renders greater bonuses with more points.  There are three playable protagonists in Call of Duty - United Offence.  First is Cpl. Scott Riley who is part of the American campaign, and the “Foy” and Bois Jacques” missions.  Sgt. James Doyles is part of the British campaign and is subsequently sent to Sicily. Lastly, Pvt. Yuri Petrenko is part of the Soviet campaign and helps defend Soviet trenches. Three multiplayer modes have also been added into the game and they are Domination, Base Assault and Capture the Flag.

In January 2002, Gray Matter Interactive Studios, Inc. the game’s developer was acquired by Activision.