Call Of Duty

Activision (Proprietary)

Call of Duty is a video game published by Activision and Aspyr Media  and developed by infinity Ward on October 2003. It is the first ever video game on the Call of Duty video game franchise. Call of Duty features a First-person Shooter gameplay that is available in both single player and multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty simulates the World War II combined arms and infantry warfare. It features a Quake III: Team Arena game engine. Call of Duty is composed of single player campaign missions. There are three campaigns—American, British, and Soviet campaigns. Call of Duty Campaign missions are somewhat different from typical single player campaigns because computer-controlled allies join and assist the players in missions. Campaign missions are completed by performing all mission objectives. This game is also peculiar in the way that players can save and load from any point in the game. The current games in the Call of Duty game franchise employ a checkpoint system when saving and loading games.

Call of Duty features a separate handgun slot, two primary weapon slots, and capability to carry up to ten grenades. Players may pick up weapons from the battlefield and replace one of the weapon slots. Call of Duty also features two different firing modes—automatic fire and single shots. It also features Iron Sights which allows players to aim down the gun’s actual sights for a more accurate shot. Call of Duty also features a health points system.