Call of Duty Black Ops MP

Treyarch (Proprietary)

Call of Duty Black Ops MP is a game application developed by Treyarch. This is a sequel to Call of Duty: World at War, and is the seventh game created for the Call of Duty game, or third game for the entire series. Its first release on the market was on November 9, 2010.

Call of Duty Black Ops MP is a first-person shooter and a multiplayer online game. This game primarily features American and Russian soldiers. The characters are Captain Alex Mason (MACV-SOG), Jason Hudson (CIA), and Viktor Reznov (Russian-born soldier for the Red Army).

The gameplay is based on a storyline, which begins through flashbacks of Capt. Alex Mason. He is interrogated about a number that has been used in contacting Soviet sleeper cells in the US. This is actually the beginning of the first mission of the player that is controlling Mason. The interrogation continues where the second flashback is about his first meeting with Viktor Reznov, one of the characters of the game, who is also a returning character from the Call of Duty series. There are many flashbacks in this game that are actually missions to complete by players. It is the goal of players to finish each mission.

New Features of Call of Duty Black Ops MP:
• Dive-to-Prone
• New advanced weapons
• Flashlight on some weapons
• Combat Training (against online players, AI, or split-screen)