Call of Duty 2 Carnage mod-2

Activision Publishing Inc. (Proprietary)

Call of Duty 2 Carnage mod-2 is a 3D first person video game that is based on the real events that occurred in World War II. The second installment of the series features a new head-up display and some animation weapons, new music, and a modified main menu. The game is violent with blatant display of blood and dismemberment that is most evident with grenade use. Images of war-torn landscapes are vividly displayed as well.

Thegame has three different campaigns. The player can choose to be a soldier of the US Army, the British Army, or the Red Army of the Soviet Union. Here are the more specific modifications made by the developers to Call of Duty 2:
• New anti-aircraft gun (model 88 Flak)
• New weapons accuracy and feedback
• Grenade smoke color changed to light green

This application is developed by Infinity and released by RGCreative. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 OS.  Call of Duty 2 Carnage mod-2 is an action shooter computer game that is easy to set up and install since the installer provides step-by-step instructions. The game can be launched via a desktop icon or from the start menu.