California Fonts Manager 2.5.1

California Fonts (Freeware)

California Fonts Manager is an application for managing fonts that are installed in the computer. Upon installation, the application scans the system for all the fonts that are installed and displays a list on the main window under the “Your fonts” tab. Under that tab, users can view a sample of the font, see if the font is installed or active, and view the font family to which it belongs. The right side of the window shows the selected font in different sizes – from small to large. Users can also type in text on the field provided to see how the word or phrase will look like using the selected font.

California Fonts Manager also has a “Get More Fonts!” tab where users can download free fonts from the application’s website. Free font packages are displayed according to category, allowing users to choose based on the style.

Other features of the California Fonts Manager application are the following:

• support for Adobe Type 1, OTF, TTF, and other popular fonts
• automatic downloading of program updates
• fonts are still active even after the user reboots the computer
• support for downloading free fonts from popular font websites
• simple and easy-to-use interface