Calibre 2.58.0 (64-bit)

Kovid Goyal (Freeware)

Calibre E-book Management is a program that manages e-books and other digital publications. It supports several file formats, as well as popular e-book readers. With the program, users can make some changes like the font size, or table of contents. E-book collections can be categorized according to metadata (author, title, ISBN, etc.) for easier management. The metadata can be downloaded from different sources, such as Google Books and Amazon.

The program’s interface has all the tools needed for managing a library. There are options for adding books, editing metadata, converting books, fetching news, and sending content to an e-book reader. The View option provides several views when reading an e-book. Users can add tags to their e-books so that they can be easier to find. This is especially useful when the e-book collection is large. There is also an option for placing files into folders for sharing with friends.

Users don’t need to look for books on websites, since the program has a feature that does this. The ‘Get books’ feature allows users to enter a book title and author and the application will compile a list of websites where the title can be bought.

Calibre E-book Management supports devices from several manufacturers including the following:
• PocketBook
• Barnes & Noble
• Apple
• Amazon
• Endless Ideas