Calendar Magic 18.3

EuroSoft (Freeware)

Calendar Magic is an educational program that is capable of displaying different types of calendar systems. It also displays scientific and historical facts. The application has a simple interface with several menus located at the top portion of the main window. Some of the calendars and information displayed by the application are the following:

• 26 types of calendar systems that feature the entire year and full months
• World clocks that display 12 locations around the world simultaneously on the main window
• Lunar and solar eclipse information that spans up to the year 3000
• Time calculator for simple time conversions and arithmetic calculations
• “This is your life” feature that displays information on the user’s zodiac sign, day the user was born, Chinese age, and number of days lived

In addition, the Calendar Magic program also offers other body calculators including body shape index, blood alcohol content, body mass index, pregnancy calculator, and biorhythm calculator. Users can switch between the different views of the calculator by choosing one of the features from the menus. Calendar Magic also supports the printing and copying of content displays on the main window. This can be done by using the usual keyboard commands for the actions.