Calendar 2000 4.9

Gregory Braun -- Software Design (Freeware)

Calendar 2000 is a desktop application that shows a monthly calendar on the computer desktop. It is particularly designed for computers running on Windows operating systems. The calendar enables users to define their own holidays and note important dates. With this application, users will be able to quickly check the date and what day a certain calendar day occurs. This is useful in determining on what day birthdays and other important dates occur so users can plan the celebrations ahead, or to look back in time to see on what day someone was born.

The calendar covers the time period of January 1583 up to December 3000. Users may print monthly calendars as preferred. This application has a small file size, makes use of minimal system resources, and may be configured to run from the Taskbar icon tray directly. The user interface of Calendar 2000 is simple and intuitive. The main screen shows the main menu at the top portion, comprised of the File options, Edit options, View options, and a Help section. Below this are icons for flipping through the months, writing on the calendar date grid, setting the date and time, and marking an important date. The monthly calendar is arranged on a Sunday to Saturday layout.