Sandlot Games (Shareware)

CakeMania is a time management game in which players bake and decorate cakes while managing a bakery. The story of the game centers on Jill Evans, who, inspired by her grandparents who own a bakery, went to culinary school to study pastry making. When she comes home, she finds out that their family bakery has been forced to close because of the entry of retail giant Mega-Mart in their small town. Jill is determined to get their baking business back by selling her own cakes and earning enough money to reopen the bakery.

Players control Jill and help her take orders from customers. They must then make Jill create the cakes according to customers’ specifications as soon as possible. The longer the customers are made to wait, the more impatient they get and leave. Players can give customers cupcakes or let them watch television while waiting to appease and entertain them while their cakes are being made.

The profits and tips earned at the end of the day can be used to upgrade equipment or buy new ones, such as a microwave, another oven, a better frosting machine, and even more comfortable shoes for Jill. The game has over 45 levels to complete; along the way, Jill will get to run four bakeries in order to achieve her goal.