Cake Shop

EleFun Games (Shareware)

Cake Shop is a Cake shop business simulation game developed by EleFun Games and released on January 2009. This game enables users to manage their own cake shops by creating custom cakes according to customer specifications. Money is paid and tips are given for each successful cake. Reaching the goal opens up the next level, while failing to meet it means the player loses the round.

Cake Shop shows a simple cake shop interior with a clock timer on the left wall, a cake shelf at the center, and a garbage bin on the right part of the shop. The cake shelf contains the ingredients that may be used for the cake--three kinds of jams including strawberry and apple jams, and three kinds of cake biscuit including chocolate, and strawberry cakes. A typical cake is composed of a cake biscuit at the bottom, jam in the middle, and another cake biscuit at the top. Users have to click the bottom layer first, then the jam, and lastly, the top layer. To know which ingredients to use, the customers appear at the foreground with their cake order shown in a thought bubble. Once the cake is done, the player can click the customer for payment. If the wrong ingredient is selected, or the cake is in the wrong order, the player can choose to place the same in the garbage bin. The game ends when the time is up.