Cake Shop 2

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. (Shareware)

Cake Shop 2 is a strategy mini game that requires a certain knack for time management. The main objective of this game is to manage the day-to-day operation of the cake shop. In this game, time management plays an important factor. The rewards are higher if the costumer’s order is served faster.
The game starts with a tutorial that will teach the player how to manage the cake shop. The player must follow the instructions given by the tutorial. This will give him an idea how to run the cake shop. Every new player must complete the tutorial first to advance. A day’s work in the cake shop is equivalent to a level in the game.

There are 19 upgrades waiting to be unlocked in Cake Shop 2. However, the player must earn enough points to buy all the upgrades needed. The points are gained by finishing a day’s work in the shop. The amount of points the player will earn depend of how fast and accurately he can serve his customers. If the user has insufficient amount of coins, he can always repeat a previous level he completed to gain more points.

As the player advances in the game, he will unlock new locations for his cake shop. The game reaches its end when the user unlocks all the five cake shop locations.