Cake Mania

Digital Chocolate (Shareware)

Cake Mania is a time management and cooking game that was released by Sandlot Games Corporation which is currently a part of the Digital Chocolate Company. Running a bakery in an efficient way is the premise of the game.  The player can progress up to 48 levels. During which, the player can experience 4 kitchen scenarios.

Cake Mania’s main game character is Jill Evans who operates a bakery with the intention of re-opening Evans bakery which was previously owned by her baker grandparents.  An increasing number of customers line up and give Jill their specific orders.  Time management and precision skills are put to the test as Jill whips up baked confectionaries with different specifications in terms of flavor and design, while ensuring that increasing customers are served on time.  Tools are used to divert customers’ attention while they wait as with the use of a television and cupcakes. As more and more orders are processed, Jill earns money to have a kitchen upgrade via different tools and equipment which enables her to reach her goal more quickly.  Such baking tools include shoes that quicken Jill’s navigation of the kitchen, an improved machine for frosting, an additional oven, and microwave for cupcakes.