Caesium 1.4.1

Mateo Paonessa (Freeware)

Caesium is a simple application that allows users to compress photos or images. Compression is the process by which the size of a file is made smaller. This is a helpful process, as it saves space on the user’s personal computer and also makes upload and load time faster in case the image is viewed on a web page. This software allows for up to 90% compression of image files without sacrificing the image quality. The user can choose to select files one by one or to process them in batches. The compression level, which determines how much the file will be minimized, can have different settings per image and can be defined by the user with a simple slider.

Caesium’s user interface displays several details on the central screen including the Name, Size, New Size, Ratio, Quality, and Full Path. There are Add and Remove buttons that the user can use to select the files or the files can simply be dragged and dropped to the interface. The preview button, when selected, shows a side-by-side view of the original and compressed files so the user can verify that there is no loss on visual quality. The compressed images can be saved on a different folder from the source of the original files and the location can be defined on the Output Folder bar at the bottom of the interface.