Caesar IV

Tilted Mill Entertainment (Proprietary)

Caesar IV is an ancient city-building game developed by the company, Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment. It features 3D graphics that creates realistic looking infrastructure and nature elements. The game is set in ancient Rome and therefore simulates various well-known historical buildings and the architectural style during that era. The object of the game is to build functioning and flourishing cities and fulfill various goals at the same time. The multitude of tasks that the player needs to perform besides housing includes health care, sanitation, food production, religion, and security among a few more others. During the course of building a house or commercial establishment, the workers must be fed lest they stop the construction. Moreover, once the buildings are completed, the player must hire the required number of engineers to maintain them.

Aesthetics also plays an important role in the satisfaction level of the city’s residents. Therefore, the player must pay attention to the location of the houses, as well as the kind and amount of decoration used to enhance the surroundings. The game consists of three main parts, namely Empire, Kingdom, and Republic. The Kingdom section serves as the game’s tutorial, while the other two parts make up the game’s campaign. The player can also choose between military and peaceful playing modes, which dictate the game’s pace and types of tasks.