Caesar 3

Impressions Games (Proprietary)

Caesar III is the third game in the Caesar series. It was first released in 1998. It aims to replicate the lives of the Roman people years ago and is focused more on building the city rather than fighting. The interface displays the city in 2D isometric view. The view can be changed by 90 degrees. Roman citizens walk across the city and can communicate with the player throughout the game. Their staple foods include wheat, fruits, vegetables, while pork and wine are staple food to offer guests during celebrations. The player, initially as a provincial governor, has the objective of spreading the glory of the Roman Empire by building cities, improving their trade and industry, and making money.

Caesar III can be played in two modes: Mission mode and Builder mode. For the mission mode, players start out as a citizen and is able to increase rank when he reaches the goals the emperor has given. The ranks include Clerk, Engineer, Architect, Quaestor, Procurator, Aedile, Praetor, Consul, Proconsul, and Caesar. The emperor sets objectives on five categories including populations, prosperity, culture, peace and favor. In Builder mode, the player chooses a city like Narbo and Toletum, and builds it freely. The player will occasionally face invaders in this mode.