John Apperson ( (Shareware)

CadStd is a drafting program used for creating layouts. The program is used for mechanical designs, blueprints, housing plans, and other layout plans. The program is designed to make drawing layouts more effective. It has commands like offset, fillet, and champer , which are necessary tools in any drafting program. It can create projections (like isometric projects) based on ortographic views. Arcs, arrows, circles, and other lines and shapes can be created with CadStd. With the program, snaps can be created such as tangent, intersection, and midpoint. It can let users share CAD files to other people who have their own CAD programs, such as Autocad. Drawings can be exported to other applications (such as Office). The drawings can be exported in various formats like DXF (drawing exchange format), SVG, and even PDF. Drawings can also import even the more complex DXF files.

CadStd features radial and angular dimensioning. Options to intercept and trim are also available. With regards to existing lines and arcs, gaps can be opened. Text can be search and replace. There is also access to customer support.

CadStd can export the SVG and has the ability to print large drawings. It has an integrated user and tutorial guide where users can find help when finding difficulty with the program.