Kymdata Oy (Proprietary)

CADS is a basic CAD program developed by Kymdata Oy.  CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. The program comes with the most basic drawing and design tools needed for any industry. However, this program can be boosted with complementary programs that specialize on certain industries or certain design elements.  These CAD programs are CADS Viewer, CADS GeoXY, CADS Profile, CADS Rasta, CADS Planner Document Management, CADS Planner Mechanic,  CADS Planner Ref, CADS Planner QM, and CADS Planner PI. These programs in conjunction with CADS, make up the software suite CADS Planner.

CADS is compatible with the most popular design formats including DWG, DRW, PDF, and DXF. The program can even recognize IFC data models. Some old design formats can still be recognized by CADS, thus allowing compatibility for a much wider scope of designs.

CADS comes in two types of purchases: network license or individual workstation. For serious full time designers, it is better to utilize the individual workstation option. However, if the program will be used by more than one person but not all the time, then, the better option is to purchase the network licenses. This allows multiple users to run the program in different computers.   CADS also comes in two usage levels—Pro and Basic. For new users, the Basic option is better, while for experienced users, the Pro is the best option.