CadastroADV 4.0

Memphis (Shareware)

CadastroADV 4.0 is a basic utility that most computer users will find easy to employ. This small program is compatible with computers that run on Windows. CadastroADV 4.0 is designed to support a huge number of entries with the assurance of zero data loss despite the occurrence of unpredictable events. When unforeseen situations happen, such as a computer system crash or a power outage, the application attempts to preserve all existing data in a desktop computer.

CadastroADV 4.0 users have many options when this utility is loaded. For instance, the fields can be changed. Moreover, the user can search using many different filters. The user is also given a choice of various fields in order to print reports.  

CadastroADV 4.0 works best when there are already certain utilities present in a computer system that runs on Windows. There are two basic requirements for this program to run in a computer system with at least a Windows 95 operating system. The first is Midas.dll and the second is Nero. With these tools already installed in the computer CadastroADV 4.0 will be able to perform its functions seamlessly. This shareware is capable of supporting thousands of entries and is virtually limitless in capacity.