Cacheman 7.60

Outertech (Freeware)

Cacheman is a program that provides users with tools used in memory recover and performance enhancement of their computers. This program works by optimizing the disk cache along with additional system settings in order to prevent frequent data swapping of hard drive files. The Disk Cache is a computer system component that stores data in order to speed up requests for that data type in future program executions. The Disk Cache accumulates data from installed programs over time, and may cause the computer to slow down during startup or when running a program. Cacheman allows users to clean the disk cache in order to improve the computer’s performance, system reaction time, and system stability. This program also allows users to solve problems involving systems with more than 512MB of Random Access Memory.

Cacheman features a simple user interface that contains four main parts. The first part is the main control bar located on the upper portion of the program window. This section contains buttons such as Auto-Optimize, Restart Service, Defragment Hard Drive, Report, Unlock, Help, and About. The next section contains the program tabs that display information about the computer’s system, memory, and overall performance. These tabs include Information, Memory Management, Sticky Priority, Cache, Performance Tweaks, Usability Tweaks, Backups, and Options. The third main part is the information display panel that shows information related to the tabs. The last part is the system processes list, which displays all active processes in the computer.