Lars Hederer (Freeware)

CabPack is a compression utility developed by Lars Hederer. It was initially released on January 11, 1998. The program is specifically designed to allow users to create .CAB, or cabinet, files. Cabinet, or CAB, is a file archive format developed by Microsoft. The program is quite straightforward and is similar to how other compression utilities work.

CabPack’s interface is clear-cut. It is a single-window interface where all available configuration options are displayed straight from the window. To use the program, users have to choose the source file or directory as well as the destination directory. Users then set desired compression options and other options. After all parameters are set, users have to click on the Ok button and the program automatically creates the .cab file.

The program provides several configuration options including compression type, compression memory, directory for the setup files, and MaxDiskSize. Available compression types are LZX and MSZIP. Compression memory can only be set if the LZX type is chosen. This option allows users to choose the number of compression memory to be used when compressing the chosen file. The MaxDiskSize is where users enable or disable the disk spanning feature. When enabled, it displays several predefined values. CabPacks also includes command line extractors (both 16 and 21 bit). It also allows creation of self-extracting cabinet files.