bzip2 0.9.5C

Olof Lagerkvist (Open Source)

bzip2 is a file compressor that can be used for compacting file sizes. Normally there are files that are often too large to be sent as email attachments, or take up too much space on the computer's hard drive. With this program, the files are compressed, reducing their file size. When this is done, the compressed files can now be attached to emails quickly. The files will also take up less space on the computer's hard drive.

A compressed file can also be uncompressed using this program and extracted to a folder specified by the user. It can be the source folder or a new folder in the computer. bzip2 also supports the recovery of corrupted files. When a compressed data is corrupted, this file compressor can decompress the parts that are still undamaged, allowing their recovery. The program can be used through the command prompt.

In the command prompt, there are certain hotkeys that can be pressed to perform specific functions. Pressing “D” forces the decompression of the files, while “Z” forces the program to compress files. Pressing “K” on the keyboard would make the program keep only the input files. The “L” key is pressed ff the user would like to view the license and version of the software.