Bywifi 2.8.1

Bywifi Development Group (Freeware)

Bywifi is a video streaming utility released by Bywifi Development Group in May 2011. Bywifi allows users to stream videos at a faster speed than without Bywifi. Video streaming bitrate is at 3-5 times faster. Video streaming websites like YouTube, Metacafe, or MySpace have Bywifi support. This program also allows users to download a video file while watching it. Used together with Peer-to-server-and-peer (P2SP), Bywifi allows faster video streaming and download speeds. For accidental web browser shutdowns, Bywifi allows users to continue or resume downloading.

Bywifi features video transcoding support for numerous mobile devices. After downloading video files, this program allows users to transcode downloaded videos for playing on their mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, and PSP. This program also features FLV merge capability.

Bywifi features numerous advanced network technologies. This program features P2SP and multiple task processing. Bywifi also offers intelligence caching and web sensitivity. It also has a special Search functionality. Bywifi search interface features an input box on the top panel for typing in the search tags or video name. Beside that rests the Search button. On the bottom panel, the video download information is shown. Users can track the Download status, Bitrate, HTTP Bitrate, and P2P Bitrate.