Bytescout XLS Viewer

ByteScout (Freeware)

Bytescout XLS Viewer is a spreadsheet software developed by ByteScout and released on February 2010. This program enables users to view and print spreadsheet files in XLS and XLSX file format. XLS and XLSX are file formats associated with Microsoft Excel. This program also opens ODS files created using OpenOffice. The print functionality also applies to ODS file formats. This software also features an export to HTML function enabling users to output compatible files in HTML format.

Bytescout XLS Viewer user interface is a grey-themed spreadsheet with the menu bar containing options for Files and Help. The Open File button is located on the upper right portion of the interface. Clicking the Open File button opens an Explorer window showing the local folder paths to choose the XLS, XLSX, or ODS file format. The open spreadsheet occupies the main window. It maintains the same formatting as the original file. However, this program does not have editing functions. The interface also displays clickable buttons for the Developer’s website, as well as other programs created by the same developers.

The software is based on the developer’s Bytescout XLS SDK for .NET application. For conversion needs, Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools Utility offers conversion from XLS, XLSX, and ODS into PDF and HTML, and vice versa.