BySoft StayAlive Pro

BySoft (Shareware)

BySoft StayAlive Pro is a utility that is designed to mimic an Internet connection that is working actively. The primary function of this program is to prevent the system from being disconnected. Internet activity is simulated through either PING or HTTP.

BySoft StayAlive Pro is a freeware program for Windows systems and works equally well with cable connections, modems, and ADSL. This program is also capable of removing the nag window that is the means of the ISP to inform you of your inactivity.

The interface of BySoft StayAlive Pro is essentially a regular window. The layout is clean and easy to figure out. The interface is very intuitive and presents configuration parameters such as online time, upload rate, download rate, and speed. This utility is easy to implement, with standard configuration properties for novice users. Meanwhile, people with computer programming background and other related skills can make more advance configuration adjustments. BySoft StayAlive Pro provides user with settings that allow for choosing access type (HTTP vs. PING), modifying the default sites, and specifying whether the tome interval is fixed or random.

BySoft StayAlive Pro can run on minimal RAM and CPU and does not cause any computer issues when running. The program can be minimized so as not to disrupt other ongoing computing activities.