Byki ® v 4.0

Transparent Language (Shareware)

Byki (Before You Know It) is an application for learning languages. The program uses a flashcard software system. It offers interactive vocabulary practices and sound files. The application also has a progress tracker so that users can view their learning advancement. The flashcard system teaches users the translation of different words. The flashcards also show a photo of the word and its meaning. Additionally, users can play sound bites to learn how to pronounce the word the correct way. The Byki application is available in over 70 languages.

Byki can be customized to suit the user’s needs. The program focuses on the areas that need improvement for a more effective learning experience. It tracks the user’s progress and also offers the chance for users to review previous lessons. The audio included in the program are spoken by real native speakers of the different languages.

Byki uses the vocabulary approach when teaching a foreign language. The program provides users frequently used words, expressions, and phrases in order for users to build vocabulary. Other features of the program are the following:

• Read and see the language in its pure and native form
• Intelligent Refresh System for tracking and maintaining words learned
• Unlimited access