Button Shop 4.26

Kristanix Software (Shareware)

Button Shop is a tool for creating buttons for websites. The program is simple to use, which makes it ideal for novice computer users. There are hundreds of professional designs for textures and templates that can be used immediately, but they can also be tweaked to suit the user’s needs. In addition to creating buttons, the program is also useful for making menus for websites. It generates the HTML code automatically so those who have no experience in building websites will be able to use the program. Other features of the program are listed below:

• Final buttons can be saved in different file formats including TIFF, ICON, WMF, JPEG, and PNG
• Users have full control on the look of the button
• Comes with different effects, such as mirror and light
• Support for adding images and icons on the buttons
• Comes with 150 templates and 50 textures

Button Shop’s main window is similar to that of Windows explorer. There are two tabs for switching between tasks (Button and Effects) and a third tab for the Help section. All the options for each task are located at the upper portion of the window. More options are displayed on the left and right side of the window. The work area is at the center of the window and takes up most of the space. Users can switch between normal view and preview when working.