Genimo Interactive LLC (Shareware)

Butterfly Escape is a marble shooting game in in which players guide a winged creature named Buka in shooting and destroying balls of light. Players must be able to make matches of three or more marbles of the same color to destroy them before they reach the Dungeon of Darkness. By successfully completing all 109 of the game levels, players will be able to help Buka free the butterflies from the clutches of the evil Prince of Darness, thereby making the sunrise return to the Kingdom of Light.

Players must be able to free 15 kinds of butterflies to achieve victory. When a butterfly is freed, it will be shown in a butterfly book that users can read. It contains the butterfly’s scientific name, information about the species, and an illustrated drawing that players can zoom in and rotate.

To help players along, the game provides ten different power-ups that can be used to shoot more marbles. These include a Gatling gun, lighting, pistols, a mortar, and the most powerful of all, a Total Annihilation weapon that is able to destroy all marbles in its path.

There are three gameplay modes to suit players of every skill level. A tournament mode enables players to compete with other players online.