busTRACE 7.0

busTRACE Technologies LLC (Proprietary)

busTRACE is a full-featured device and software bus analysis tool that is utilized by leading system and peripheral OEMs, and developers for software, USB devices and storage systems. This application is composed of applications provided in a suite designed to assist users in performing advanced device and bus analysis. It captures and generates I/O activity both locally and remotely, simulates device faults, and has additional tools and features not found in similar system utility tools.

The last downloadable demo was for version 8.0 which is not available anymore from the developer’s website since the release of busTRACE 9.0. Instead, busTRACE 9.0 Reader is made available as a free download. This free reader comes with sample captures to showcase what the software can do. Free busTRACE 9.0 downloads are the Reader v9.0.081 and the capture Client v9.0.081.

busTRACE comes in either Professional (full-featured) or Standard (limited) edition. Both suites are available for purchase only.

Some of the full features not included in the Standard edition are the ability to:

• Send a single/sequence CBD (Command Descriptor Block) to a storage device
• Perform a stress test for reading/writing/comparing
• Identify ATA/ATAPI information
• Check for I/O device and subsystem defects
• Simulate the failure on a single or multiple devices