Bus Simulator 2

Excalibur Publishing (Proprietary)

Bus Simulator 2, as its name suggests, is a program that simulates bus driving. This game gives players the ability to drive buses in European locations. There are twelve available bus types that can be driven, including double deckers and articulated vehicles. Players can drive around the city or make their own schedules and bus routes elsewhere, such as country towns. Players must strictly follow the schedule and adhere to the rules written in the Highway Code especially the speed limit, as well as stay alert on the road and watch out for other people in the road, such as other motorists and pedestrians.

Players start the game as a bus driver and eventually advance to build a bus company. The game provides a detailed map, showing the inner city, the nearby villages, country roads, and even the harbor. The on-screen navigation panel helps players follow the correct route and take detours as necessary. Players must stop at the correct locations to pick up passengers and let them disembark. Another task is collecting fares and managing finances for future investments. As they advance in the game, players can add buses to their fleet of service buses, or try their hand at building a tour company using coaches.