Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Electronic Arts (Proprietary)

Ultimate box is a follow up game in the Burn Out Racing Game series developed by Electronic Arts for PC.  The game’s setting is Paradise City where players can choose from a wide selection of vehicles and can compete in different types of races.  Ultimate box has different game modes where a user can explore Paradise City online or offline. The online mode enables gamers to compete with other players while connected to the Internet. The offline mode includes single player events that can unlock more than 70 vehicles as the game progresses.  The game has an offline multiplayer mode using the Burn Out Paradise Party Pack, which allows a maximum of 8 players to compete at the same time.  Burn Out Paradise Party Pack is a paid downloadable feature of Ultimate box which includes mini games in the form of challenges or score competitions. The Party Pack consists of stunts, skills, or speed challenges. The stunt challenges involve exhibitions of tricks. Speed challenges involve time limits and crushing objects, such as billboards.

Users can download free updates, such as time-of-day motorcycles and cycles. Players can also enhance gameplay by purchasing downloadable features in the form of new vehicle models and race tracks like Big Surf Island.