BurnOn CD/DVD 3.1

BurnWorld (Proprietary)

BurnOn CD&DVD is a complete DVD authoring suite developed by BurnWorld and released on March 2011. The program enables users to create DVD and CD backups of their files, as well as other DVD functions. The program also allows users to copy and rip CD or DVD discs and save the same to the local storage or burn on another CD or DVD. The contents are converted into an image file which can be burned on another disc or accessed through a virtual drive.

BurnOn CD&DVD features two modes: Basic mode and Advanced Mode. The Basic Mode offers the usual tasks including making a DVD copy, creating an image file, or re-encoding a DVD. The Advanced mode features other functions like DVD authoring, DVD mastering, DVD splitting, and erasing a DVD-RW disc. The Advanced mode comes with a set of wizards for each function. This enables even newbies to utilize the advanced features of the program.

DVD authoring and mastering involves creating a DVD file from a set of VOB files. These files may be arranged according to the user’s preference and saved as an ISO image file. This image file can then be played through a virtual drive or burned into a disc. CD functions including the capability to create audio CD or a data CD. These functions are also available as wizards. Users can access these functions from the two modes, or from drop-down menus available from the main interface, or through the function buttons on the task bar.