BurnAware Premium 7.9

Burnaware Technologies (Shareware)

BurnAware Premium is a program that allows users to burn audio, data, video, and bootable discs. The program supports different media types including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. On the main interface, the three media types supported can be viewed on the left side of the window. When a category is clicked, users can view all the possible tasks that can be done. Some of them include creating a data disc, a bootable disc, audio CD, and burning a disc image. The program is also capable of erasing the contents on a re-writable disc.

The main interface is simple and intuitive. Users can add all the files to burn on the disc and a list will be displayed including the full filename, file size, file type, and other information. The bottom right side of the window displays the amount of space available on the disc. On the left side, users can see the estimated size of all the files on the list. This allows them to see if all the files can fit on the disc.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy
• Does not clog up system resources
• Supports a variety of file formats