Burger Shop 2.0

GoBit Games (Shareware)

Burger Shop is a time management game developed by the company, GoBit Games. It features the story of a man who wakes up with a strange bump on his head and no recollection of the previous events that took place. The player assumes the role of this confused man who tries to retrace his steps and slowly rebuild each of his rundown restaurants. The game begins with the player situated in a barely furnished restaurant, wherein s/he would have to complete all the customers’ orders and earn enough to reach the goal. The foremost machine in the game is the Burger Tron 2000, which provides various food components, specifically different burger ingredients. The player has to build burgers by clicking on each ingredient in chronological order. If the order is not followed, the player can simply toss the erroneous dish in the trash bin.

Burger Shop features eight restaurants with 15 levels each. The game showcases more than a hundred recipes, which the player has to successfully formulate for a variety of customers. The more difficult a level becomes, the more complicated the dishes become as well. In addition, the customers have varying levels of patience, which adds to the multi-tasking challenge.