Burger Island

Techfront Studios (Proprietary)

Burger Island is a time management game where players assume the role of Patty Melton, a young woman who owns a burger restaurant in a tropical island. The restaurant serves different types of food, such as burgers, fries, and milkshakes using different types of cheeses, burger patties, and sauces. Users have to earn a specific amount of money for each level in order to move on to the next. The target amount increases after every level. Each level is also timed, making it a challenge for players to achieve the monetary goal. Orders appear on the upper portion of the window. Ingredients must be arranged according to their sequence before they are given out to customers. Players can also prepare items in advance. As players finish more levels, more recipes can be unlocked and the player’s business will eventually grow.

Other features of the Burger Island game are the following:

• Build a burger restaurant in five different beachfront properties
• More than 30 types of recipes to unlock as the game progresses
• 60 levels of play
• Players can combine up to 9 ingredients to come up with unique burgers
• Challenging gameplay

The game offers three difficulty settings, which are Jumbo, Regular, and Kiddie.