Burger Island 2

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Burger island 2: The Missing Ingredient is a restaurant-themed time management game developed by TechFront and published by WildTangent. The sequel to Burger Island, this game’s story also follows the adventures of Patty Melton and her waiter Pierre. In the original game, they had to compete with rival restaurants – in this game, their main mission is to rebuild their restaurant and find the Tiki Guy. Their biggest competitor this time is a restaurant called Burger Chief, which is owned by Edie Cole Iverson – the same man who abducted Tiki Guy. In order to rescue him, Patty must cook as much as she can and find out Tiki Guy’s secret sauce and the rest of his famed recipes.

This game offers 130 stages, which are set on various islands. The player assumes the role of Patty and it is his/her main goal to keep the customers satisfied. In order to accomplish this, s/he must assemble burgers, prepare nachos, and bring beverages to the customers before their patience wears out. Part of the challenge lies in the patrons’ varying patience levels. Each stage comes with a specific monetary goal and the player must be able to reach it without losing any customers. The game also offers the possibility of creating customized dishes through the Experimental Kitchen.