Epic Games, Inc. (Proprietary)

Bulletstorm is a video game developed by Epic Games and was released in February 2011. Bulletstorm is a first person shooter game where players engage in long-range weapons combat viewed in a first person mode. The game also incorporates futuristic science fiction and action themes as well as its crass story humor. Bulletstorm does not have a competitive multiplayer mode like other first person shooter games but focuses on its cooperative online games where players can achieve game objectives by playing in teams.

Bulletstorm is set in the 26th century where the universe is governed by the Confederation of Planets. The player takes control of Grayson Hunt, a Special Forces squad leader who went rogue after he discovered that his commander, General Sarrano was a corrupt leader. The game focuses on combat, which allows users to perform firearm and melee attacks. Bulletstorm features various futuristic firearms such as the “Peacemaker Carbine” which is the basic weapon of the game, the Flailgun, Head Hunter, Penetrator, Boneduster, Screamer, Bouncer, and the Railgun. The game also features several melee weapons such as the whip like energy leash, and gravity boots used for strong kicks. Another feature of Bulletstorm is its “Skillshot” gameplay system where player can get extra points by performing creative and destructive enemy kills. The more complicated or difficult the skillshot, the more points the players accumulate. Skillshot points are used to purchase unique weapons and weapon upgrades.