BulletProof FTP Server 2011

BulletProof Software LLC (Proprietary)

BulletProof FTP Server is a capable server that uses the File Transfer Protocol system to send information over connections such as the Internet. The extensive capabilities of this program make it appropriate for corporate use, while the simple interface allows tech-savvy users to implement the server for home use. The graphical user interface presents a wide range of features that are easy to browse through and utilize for full control over the computer’s connections and more efficient data sending and receipt over the network of computers connected to the server. BulletProof FTP Server also has other notable features, such as the following:

• All basic RFC-959 features
• Download and upload resumption
• Real-time viewing of FTP server traffic and activity
• Banning and kicking users from the server
• Anti-hammering security option

BulletProof FTP Server allows any file size for transfer. Connections can be throttled based on the user, domain, and IP address. This server program also provides the user with a statistics generator that updates in real time, as well as a feature to manage events (for scripts and programs in the system) and manage disk-space quotas. It also allows chat conversations between users connected to the network. Security measures included in the program are advanced control over user access based on IP addresses, as well as a stable firewall system.