Bulldog777 Poker 1

Bulldog777 (Freeware)

Bulldog 777 Poker is an online gambling website that allows the user to join poker tournaments to win money. Tournament pool prizes range from $500 and up. The website hosts poker tournament rooms for the user and other online users to compete in. They allow the user to compete in small playing fields for better chances of winning against other players.  

The Bulldog 777 Poker software includes a Quick Start program, Rabbit, multiple window interfaces, emoticons, Expose 1 Card, Shootout tournaments, Deal it Twice, and Bounty Tournaments. With the software, the user can access online tournaments on the website. Bulldog 777 Poker requires a deposit of $4000 to join in any tournament. A deposit bonus of $777 is given to the user and the bonus includes letting the user join in a $7000 free roll tournament for new players. Games available for the user to enter are 7-Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 5-Card Draw.

When the user is competing against other players, the interface displays a poker table with seats for players. Seats filled are displayed with player names and available money to gamble. To join the game, the user has to click on an empty chair. A chat window is available on the lower left side. It includes tabs for Options, Info and Stats. On the right bottom corner, 4 buttons display History, Rebuy, Sit out, and Leave.