ClipYourPhotos (Shareware)

Bulkr is a simple application used for downloading photos from the photo sharing website called Flickr. In order to use the program, users must have an active Internet connection, a Flickr account, and Adobe AIR installed on the computer. With the program, users can easily browse photos on Flickr, backup photos, and download.

The program’s interface has two tabs – You and Flickr. When the user signs in to the Flickr account, all the pictures are displayed and those that are selected can be downloaded by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button located at the bottom part of the main window. Users are able to choose from four different images sizes and choose the output location for the pictures before starting the download process. Additionally, users can also save data as text and include metadata for the photos including the description, tags, and titles.

When browsing through the photo stream. Users can type in a search term on the search field and choose from different categories including Interesting, Relevant, and Recent. Additionally, users can browse images by license type.

Here are the other features of the Bulkr program:

• Entire album sets can be downloaded in a click
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Downloads will be resumed if interrupted