Bulk Rename Utility

TGRMN Software (Freeware)

Bulk Rename Utility is a program used for renaming several files all at the same time. This free tool is capable or renaming numbers, date or time stamps, texts, characters, words, or symbols. It can also be used to rename meta data for photos and ID3 tags for MP3 files. All the tasks that can be done with the application are found on the program’s main screen. The upper left hand side displays the source of the files in tree view. The upper right hand side shows the contents of the folder that is selected in the tree view. The bottom part of the screen shows several controls for renaming/changing parts of a file. Some of the operations are for adding, removing, copying, and appending.

The fields in the controls are not required to be filled out. The user can create changes on the parts of the files/folders that need changing. All other fields can be left blank if they do not need to be changed. Users can create ‘favorites’ with the Bulk Rename Utility. This is useful if one set of configurations must be applied to several files. Favorites can also be used for making specific changes to a file. This eliminates the need to input the changes each time the program is used.