Bulk Flow Analyst™

Overland Conveyor Company, Inc & Applied DEM, Inc. (Proprietary)

Bulk Flow Analyst is a comprehensive tool developed for use in the field of engineering. It is designed for material flow applications, particularly in simulating and analyzing the behavior of a particulate flow system. As a result, users will be able to determine the effects that a particular flow on a structure. As such, this tool can also be used in designing flow systems in pharmaceutical and chemical processing, manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and similar industries utilizing material flow systems.

Using this tool, engineers will be able to simulate different flow conditions as well as design concepts without requiring a physical model or prototype. In this way, they will be able to see and solve probable flow problems from the computer, saving on time and operations cost. This tool has an interface that is easy to understand and learn, and makes use of SolidWorks modeling in capturing the various geometrical aspects of complex flows. The simulation and visualization features of this tool enable users to see all of the aspects of complex flows. In addition, this program enables users to create animations and still graphics, characterize bulk materials, and view the output while executing flow processes.

Among the problems that Bulk Flow Analyst helps engineers and designers identify and solve problems include the following:

• High belt wear
• Chute plugging
• Low material distribution
• Chute surface wear
• Material degradation