Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era 1

HipSoft LLC (Shareware)

Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era is a real estate-themed casual strategy game developed by the company HipSoft. It is the fifth installment in the Build-a-lot series and brings the player back in time, as the title denotes. As a result, the structures that players are required to build include anything from thatched-roof huts to opulent palaces to fancy entertainment facilities for the residents of the kingdom. It is also the player’s job to explore the vast countryside and develop crumbling English settlements while making money out of it. To improve these villages, the player must purchase and build various properties, upgrade them, and rent them out to residents to earn money, which will also be used to make further improvements.

Once the houses are built, the player can upgrade them to accommodate more tenants and raise the rent. As the city’s revenue increases, so does the happiness level of the inhabitants. New buildings are unlocked as the game progresses and farms can be expanded by buying more land. Players eventually gain access to various service structures like wells, blacksmiths, amusement centers, and construction buildings. Some buildings require workers and hiring those costs money. Players must also spend on farm maintenance by hiring farmers and purchasing more sophisticated equipment.